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Why Mediate


Pursue your goals, protect your interests, and minimize financial and emotional costs.

Mediation is an excellent way for you to resolve any dispute, litigation, or divorce. I provide mediation for cases involving divorce & custody, wrongful termination, harassment & discrimination, personal injury and other civil disputes. I also provide services to families dealing with elder care issues, neighbors in conflict, and onsite workplace conflict resolution.


My approach is to facilitate negotiations where constructive communication is emphasized and the interests of all parties are identified, addressed, and honored. I encourage a collaborative process aimed at identifying obstacles, as well as solutions, and reducing conflict.​​ When conflict is reduced resolution is attainable.


Stay in control of the process. Arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution.​

Contact me to learn more about mediation or schedule a consultation free of charge.


• Divorce & Custody

​• Wrongful Termination, Harassment and Discrimination

​• Personal Injury

​• Elder Care 

​• Landlord/Tenant, Neighborhood and HOA Disputes

​• Onsite Workplace Conflict Resolution

​• Any conflict not named here that may benefit from increased constructive communication 


I am a member of the Santa Barbara Superior Court (CADRe) Mediation Panel, with over 27 years of experience in mediation and civil litigation in Santa Barbara.  I have successfully resolved hundreds of cases involving a wide variety of disputes including, divorce & custody, wrongful termination, harassment & discrimination, personal injury, workplace disputes, elder care issues, and more.  After becoming Specially Certified in Divorce & Custody Mediation I commenced my private practice in 2013. I am committed to ensuring that mediation is available to any family going through the challenges of divorce. Toward this end, I offer sliding scale fees where needed.​​​​ As Special Settlement Master for the Santa Barbara Superior Court I have worked to successfully settle cases on a weekly basis since 2010.​ I am a graduate of the Law Office Study Program administered by the State Bar of California and have extensive training in Alternative Dispute Resolution.​


Mediation is a passion for me which is continually renewed by the fact that it works.​ It's hard not to love what you do when it allows for such positive and even transformative results for those you serve.



The Santa Barbara Superior Court provides several useful resources free of cost. Visit their website at for further information.

I provide referrals to local family attorneys, financial planners, MFT's, and other professionals as needed.

NOLO Press offers an excellent book, "How To Do Your Own Divorce in California". In it you will find useful information that is easy to access and understand.


The Family Law Facilitator's office located in the Santa Barbara Superior Court offers free classes and assistance filling out and filing divorce and custody documents with the court.


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